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Yamaha EF2000iS vs Honda EU2000i

January 4th, 2012 | Posted by admin in articles

Yamaha EF2000is vs Honda EU2000is


Both Yamaha EF2000IS and Honda EU2000Is are popular 2000watts output portable generator in this market.

Here is a compare table list below for you to check the detail of each product before you find which is best for you.


Same Part

Feature Yamaha ef2000is Honda eu2000i
Fuel Capacity (Gallons) 1.1 gal. 1.1 gal.
Maximum Output (Watts) 2000w 2000w
Rated Output (Watts) 1600w 1600w
Maximum Current 16.7 amp @120V 16.7 amp @120V
Warranty 3 Years (extended 6 years) 2 Years

Different Part

Feature Yamaha ef2000is Honda eu2000i
Engine Brushless Inverter Inverter
Displacement (cc) 79 cc 98.5 cc
Run Time at 1/4 Load (hrs.) 10.5 hrs. 9.6 hrs.
Dry Weight (lbs.) 44.1 lbs. 46.3 lbs.
Noise Level (dbA) 51.5 dbA – 61 dbA 53 dbA – 59 dbA
Size (LxWxH) 19.3″x11″x17.9″ 20.1″x11.4″x16.7
12V Cables Standard Optional
Color Blue Red
Price $989.10 amazon offer 10%discount $1149


They are so the same

The Yamaha EF2000iS and Honda’s equivalent generator, the EU2000i, are remarkably similar. They both have the same power output, both use about the same amount of fuel, and both the Yamaha and Honda are able to link with another of the same model to increase power output.

Both of these generators make excellent portable power solutions. In fact, without digging into highly technical details so similar to be of no consequence, the only obvious difference between the two is the color. Yamaha went with its quintessential bright blue, and Honda, predictably, made its generator red.


Comparation on price, ease of use, included accessories and value

But the Yamaha EF2000iS portable generator is better for several reasons, beyond the striking aesthetic quality and blue color that trumps Honda. The reasons are as follows:

  • Yamaha’s EF2000iS generator is easier to maintain. While the Honda calls for an extensive combustion chamber cleaning after only 300 hours of use, the Yamaha simply needs its head cleaned after 300 hours of use or once per year. Honda’s generator also calls for an air filter service every three months, while the EF2000iS only requires such servicing every six months.
  • While both generators are able to charge 12 volt batteries, Yamaha thoughtfully included the battery cables as standard equipment with the EF000iS. Honda’s EU2000i does not ship with the cables. So, either don’t forget to special order the cables, or simply buy the Yamaha.
  • Both are comparable in price, however the Yamaha’s MSRP is lower with 10%discount from amazon. Also, for the base price, Yamaha includes battery cables.
  • The Yamaha EF2000iS will run nearly an hour longer on the same 1.1 gallon tank capacity at a quarter rated load than the Honda EU2000i
  • The Yamaha EF2000iS is over two pounds lighter than Honda’s EU2000i


Deeper Compare

However , it is still a hard decision for your to make if you only find ef2000is is just a little quieter or lighter than eu2000is, two pounds is not the reason you buy a Yamaha ef2000is.


Short Term Usage Compare


Fuel Level Checking



Fuel cheking is not one thing you can avoid during the usage of a portable generator.  Let’s see the difference between yamaha ef2000is and honda eu2000i.


With Yamaha ef2000is,  you can check the fuel level simply by glance at an indicator

With Honda EU2000i, The tool you are using will be your owen HAND!

Trust me, making your finger wet with sticky oil will never be your favorite part of using a portable generator.

See what a real buyer feel about fuel level indicator.







What if oil is running out?

Oil running out is the situation you have to face while using portable generator.

One thing you need to consider is can you keep watching the generator during it’s running all the time?  What if you are watching TV or sleep when the oil is running out and the oil alert light turn red? What if you just forget to turn your generator off when go outside for something emergency?

  The result is your Honda eu2000is generator may be damaged by an insufficient amount of oil in the crankcase, this is the potential risk you have to face when using Honda eu2000is.

  Let’s check Yamaha ef2000is,  it has a carb fuel shut-off which allow you run the fuel system dry for storage which mean you get no chance to kill your engine by supply no oil.  you will remember to shut off the generators when go outside, but sometime, you will forget. it happens. Yamaha ef2000is provide you no risk to damage the generator.

about this feature please check the review from a real buyer:

click here to see full review



Long Term Usage Compare

Engine type

Of course, engine is transparent to you, you are taking advantage of generator without concerning on the type of generator. But if you care not only today’s usage but also want your generator to service you for a long term, you need to care the type of generator.

Honda Eu2000is is using None-brushless generator type, meanwhile Yamaha ef2000is is taking brushless inverter.  What is the defferent?  Brushless inverter mean there is no carbon brushes no slip ring carbon brush wear, completely no need to replacement.

as a result, maintain is much samller and the reliability is heavly improved by using burshless inverter engine.  in another word, Yamaha ef2000is can live longer than Honda eu2000is because using more advanced engine design.


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